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Dirtybird Flight Club is now over one month old! We want our first post to celebrate everything we have accomplished as a community, and share a bit about what’s to come.

Looking Back: One Month of Dirtybird Flight Club

The first month of Dirtybird Flight Club has been a wild adventure. From the public sale selling out in less than 5 minutes to our party in LA, we have been flying through our Flight Path and can’t wait to debut our Flight Path 2.0.


Our first Flight Path promise was to donate $25k to charity, and our community accomplished that goal in our first week through a vote in a “Members Only” channel of our Discord.

Verified holders voted between three amazing charities, and we sent $25K in ETH to Notes for Notes on October 8th, 2021. They provide children with free musical instruments, instruction, and recording studio environments.

Notes For Notes commemorative donor art for DFC


As the team and thousands of Dirtybird fans headed to our flagship IRL music festival, Dirtybird Campout, the DFC team decided to airdrop something special to our holders.

Our first NFT airdrop featured another work by our wonderful artist, Birdcap that came with four unlockable unreleased tracks by Dirtybird artists Cour T., Holt88, Teknicoz Music, and Dillon Marinez.


Our bird holder meetup was an incredible experience! 1 week after mint, DFC holders met up IRL at Dirtybird Campout to connect over our love for the label at its flagship event, and our love for the brand new project.

Of course we had to represent DFC at Campout!

Birdcap live painted a mural while artists screen printed 150 limited edition posters given only to bird holders. Free DFC themed drinks were served to bird holders, which they could enjoy while dancing to a renegade set by our captain, Claude VonStroke.


Just two days after our public sale, we entered the Metaverse for a very special party. Our friends the Tie Dye Ninjas invited our beloved captain, Claude VonStroke to stream a live set into their beautiful CryptoVoxels Dojo. It was a great community building event and provided a taste for what’s to come.

Our party at NFT.NYC on 11/4 was a huge success! Half NFT gallery/half Dirtybird party, DFC provided music by Young and Sick, Harry Romero, Nala, and Claude Vonstroke!

Claude playing for our LA DFC fans at The Academy Patio

Our next party 3 days later fulfilled a promise on our flight path. We held a free party to celebrate our DFC community at the Academy LA Patio on Nov. 6th.

Our DFC fam had free access to the party, exclusive access to a limited print of DFC merch, as well as stage access for Wyatt Marshall & a very special 3-hour Claude VonStroke set!


The shirts at Academy were the beginning of our exclusive merch line, which we hope to be mind-blowing. High-quality merch with custom details takes time to produce, and we promise the wait will be worth it! The shirts from the LA party will be sold on our token gated merch site in the meantime, but our first full collection will drop once we finalize designs.

We will be sure to drop updates on our progress in the merch design as we progress, and we would love to hear community feedback! How do you want to rock your birds?? Let us know in the Discord!

Dirtybird CampINN

Be on the lookout for free VIB tickets to Dirtybird CampINN in February. We will have a bunch of tickets to give out to the DFC! There will be DFC happenings and fun onboarding events to get the rest of our Web 2.0 flock over to us.

Moving Forward

Our next drop is Flocksgiving! This is a thank you to all of you that have supported us by grabbing 5 or more birds and have not listed them for sale. We think it came out great and hope you guys love this gift. The snapshot will be this Friday, November 26th at 11:59PM PST and the airdrop will take place on Saturday. If you don’t have 5 birds yet, there’s still time!

Bird Miniverse

We are working hard on building out a bird miniverse for fun games, events & music to enjoy with your bird NFTs. We just released a very short teaser in our Discord announcements channel to give you all a taste. Here it is!

We are hard at work on Flight Path 2.0 while we finish up 1.0. It will be revealed shortly after 1.0 is completed. For all of you that have made it to the end, we want you to know we have several partnerships and other DFC happenings that cannot be revealed yet, but are coming soon!

A second BIG NFT drop is being worked on that will add to the DFC lore Birdcap is building out. Birdcap has been hard at work drawing something special for phase 2 of the DFC birds. If it’s not twice as cool as the first phase, then why do it at all?

This drop will be unlike anything that has been done before in the space. Decisions about your flock will be made and those decisions will impact the future (and past) of both collections.

Rest yourselves & enjoy your family if you can this Thanksgiving. We are so thankful to have you all with us! ❤



Dirtybird Flight Club

Dirtybird Flight Club is a community of 9090 NFT birds on Ethereum brought to life by world renowned muralist Birdcap & Dirtybird.