Dirtybird Flight Club: Welcome to the Birdyverse! NYEE Recap

Dirtybird Flight Club
3 min readJan 11, 2022


We launched the Birdyverse! Victoria Rawlins, Cour T., and Claude VonStroke lit up the metaverse for our inaugural New Year’s Eve Eve bash.

A diverse crowd of NFT avatars from various collections danced the night away to celebrate the New Year & the Grand Opening of our Web 3.0 music and art venue.

Welcome to DFC’s Birdyverse! Designed by Birdcap & brought to life by bueno.art.

In the Birdyverse, you are able to use your birds (and dress them up in holiday attire if you’d like) or any of your other NFTs as your avatar. You’re able to move around, jump, talk, or interact with various objects in the space, such as our confetti cannon!

This is just the beginning of the plans we have for an event and community space that’s packed with features, experiences, and surprises.

Three rooms were available to play in & explore. These were the Main Stage, the Gallery and the Mystery Room that showed a video sneak peek of our upcoming Flight Path 2.0.

The gallery is an interactive art space where pieces by Mendez Mendez are available to enjoy or buy for your own collection! This was the largest single drop in our Dirtybird Fine Art collection.

The initial cap we set to maintain smooth performance was reached in minutes! We ended up increasing the capacity between sets, and even set up extra speakers in the Gallery. We wanted to ensure that as many people as possible could enjoy the full experience of the Birdyverse. We are already working on optimizing the performance for a larger capacity.

600 POAPs (proof of attendance tokens) available to collect, and were all redeemed by the time Claude took the stage for a truly special inaugural Birdyverse set! We’re thrilled that so many of you loved the first experience in the Birdyverse, and we can’t wait for what comes next.

We will continue to expand the Birdyverse, add new rooms and experiences, and throw more can’t-miss parties. The team already has a few really exciting features, games, and events up our sleeves! Who knows where it’ll go?

If you have any thoughts about the event or ideas on how to build and improve, please share with us in our Discord. We are currently looking into a community DJ event in the Birdyverse, so get mixing!



Dirtybird Flight Club

Dirtybird Flight Club is a community of 9090 NFT birds on Ethereum brought to life by world renowned muralist Birdcap & Dirtybird.